Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Marijuana Dispensary And Rakes In The Cash

A California Girl Scout sold cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary. Some are shocked by the thought of Girl Scout Cookies being sold outside of a pot shop, but others have simply deemed the San Francisco Girl Scout "one smart cookie" for her entrepreneurial endeavor.

Girl Scout Danielle Lei is perhaps due a special merit badge for her business acumen. Deciding to sell Girl Scout cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary helped the San Francisco girl sell out of 117 boxes of Tagalongs and Dulce de Leches in just two hours. Lei set up shop outside of the Green Cross pharmacy on Presidents Day weekend and raked in the dough courtesy of folks sure to get the munchies after shopping at the California marijuana dispensary.

The old adage, "location, location, location" rang true once again for the San Francisco Girl Scout. According to her mother Carol, Danielle Lei sold far more Girl Scout cookies when positioned outside of the Green Cross pharmacy than when she sold the goodies next to a nearby Safeway store the following day.

Green Cross pharmacy staffer Holli Bert had this to say about the Girl Scout cookies sale outside of the marijuana dispensary:

"It's no secret that cannabis is a powerful appetite stimulant, so we knew this would be a very beneficial endeavor for the girls. It's all about location, and what better place to sell Girl Scout cookies than outside a medical cannabis collective?"
Carol Lei said that her two middle school daughters have sold Girl Scout cookies outside of a medical marijuana dispensary before, but this is the first time they opted to put their table in front of the Green Cross pharmacy. Carol also noted that she tries to find cookie selling venues in different location around the city so her daughters can learn about the differing environments of San Francisco while working on their Girl Scout fundraiser.

san francisco girl scout danielle lei

The Girl Scout's mom also shared this about the now viral cookie selling venture in front of a California cannabis pharmacy:

"You put it in terms that they may understand. I'm not condoning it [marijuana use] I'm not saying go out in the streets and take marijuana It also adds a bit of a cool factor. I can be a cool parent for a little bit."
The Green Cross was eager to help out the Girl Scouts as soon as Carol called and asked for permission to sell cookies outside of the marijuana pharmacy. The workers even snagged up some of the boxes of cookies themselves. According to the "cool parent," no other Girl Scouts troops in the area have opted to sell cookies in front of a medical cannabis establishment.

The Girl Scouts of Northern California does not have an issue with choosing such a prime location. Regional group marketing director Dana Allen said that the mom took her daughters to a place she was comfortable with and the organization does not tell members where they can go as long is the spot is a legitimate business. The Girl Scouts of Colorado do not reportedly share a similar mindset, and tweeted as much after a hoax pic of girls selling cookies outside of a recreational marijuana dispensary surfaced earlier this year.

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