Game Of Thrones Meets Disney Princesses in Awesome ‘Wonderful World Of Westeros’

George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones is a sexy, blood-soaked web of intrigue and frustration, which of course makes it the perfect thing to mash-up with Disney’s animated princesses. No, really, someone merged the Disney princesses with Game of Thrones characters; this is what the internet is here for.

DeviantART contributor DjeDjehuti is the one to thank for giving us all the mash-up we didn’t even know we wanted. DjeDjehuti’s take on the Disney princesses has a surprising number of Game of Thrones pairings that just work, such as the feisty Lilo (from the underrated Lilo & Stitch) as the untamable Arya Stark. In place of Jon Snow’s wildling lover Ygritte, the artist puts Merida, the fiery anti-princess from Pixar’s Brave.

Perhaps the best pairing – aside from Arya/Lilo, which is just perfect – involves Mulan, who went to war disguised as a man in order to spare her aging father. DjeDjehuti pairs that “princess” with Brienne of Tarth, Game of Thrones‘ rough-and tumble female knight from the Sapphire Isle who struggles to gain respect as a soldier even though she is the equal, and often the better, of her male peers.

Honorable mentions go to Mulan’s Grandma Fa as Olenna Tyrell, the sharp-tongued matriarch of the Tyrell clan, and Rapunzel – who was locked away in a tower – as Sansa Stark, who goes from one form of captivity to another over the course of the tale.

Other pairings run more toward the disturbing. It’s probably best not to consider the implications of Snow White taking on the role of Shae, who was only known for cavorting with one dwarf, Tyrion of House Lannister. There is also Aladdin’s Jasmine in the role of Ellaria Sand. If you haven’t read the books, you won’t know the name. Suffice it to say, though, when Game of Thronesfourth season begins in a few weeks, Ellaria plays a big role as the [spoiler] when the [spoilers] come to King’s Landing in order to [spoiler] the earlier [spoiler] and [spoiler] of [spoiler]. And it doesn’t turn out how you’d think for Tyrion.

DjeDjehuti’s cross-genre renditions have captured the imaginations of Disney and Game of Thrones fans alike, and sites like The Onion’s A.V. Club are already calling for the artist to do the logical thing and draw up their male counterparts. That, of course, opens up a whole world of possibilities in terms of casting, though we can probably all agree that you’d have to have Tarzan as Khal Drogo and Aladdin as, say, Rob Stark?

Game of Thrones‘ fourth season will premiere April 6, at 9 P.M., so DjeDjehuti might want to get cracking on those male counterparts. Otherwise, it will be all the easier to get lost in the inevitable hype for the new season, especially once those unfortunate souls that haven’t read the books start wondering what everyone else is talking about when they mention The Purple Wedding.