Lego Movie Review: Everything Is Awesome For 3D Blockbuster

Are you feeling as awesome as an awesome possum? Whether you are or aren’t, the “Lego Movie” certainly made waves in the box office, blowing away everything else, including the recently rebooted Robocop.

The much anticipated computer-animated family film released February 7, 2014 and has met with critical acclaim.

The central plot of the movie sees generic construction worker Emmet blunder into a prophecy, foretelling the coming of the “Special,” a super interesting, totally heroic, very intelligent “Master Builder” who will find the “Piece of Resistance” and ultimately defeat the evil Lord Business and his secret weapon, the “Kragle.”

The animation is both charming and unique, and the movie never seems to forget its roots as every special effect was carefully chosen to pay homage to the Lego bricks that we all played with as children. The music is memorable to say the least and yes, you will have Lego Movie anthem “Everything is AWESOME!” stuck in your head by the end of the film.

An all-star cast brings the lovable Lego figures to life, with Chris Pratt voicing the affable Emmet Brickowski, Will Ferrell as the dastardly Lord Business, Liam Neeson as the personality-challenged Bad Cop and the legendary Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius, an old wizard and Master Builder.

Movie-goers will appreciate the painstaking work that goes into bringing the Lego universe to life and will be pleasantly surprised by the warm-hearted message at the film’s core.

Truthfully, a film based on Legos is a refreshing change of pace from the constant stream of remakes and horror movies that are usually being pumped out of the Hollywood machine.

According to the LA Times, the Lego Movie earned $65.5 million just between Valentine’s Day and President’s Day and has already grossed $143.8 million domestically, making the 3D kid’s film an overwhelming success.

Unsurprisingly, conspiracy theorists have begun flocking from the trenches, screaming to whoever will listen that the movie is filled with political messages and communist propaganda.

Still, at the end of the day, the Lego Movie is an enjoyable venture, a thrill ride for children and a fun throwback to years of building-brick fun for Mom and Dad. Despite the usual stigma associated with 3D films (and the upcharge at the Box Office they usually bring), this is one movie worth donning the glasses for. With gags and one-liners sure to leave you in stitches throughout and a heart-warming story at the center of it, the Lego Movie is fantastic fun for the entire family.