Luke Bryan Giving Fans A ‘Spring Break’ This March

Luke Bryan has a few new songs he’s preparing to share with the masses.

Fans of the country music singer know that he celebrates the return of warm weather with a handful of new tunes every year. Bryan obviously intends to keep that tradition alive with the upcoming EP Spring Break 6… Like We Ain’t Ever. The mini-album is presently set to hit retail on March 11.

According to Taste of Country, Luke Bryan tends to keep his Spring Break EPs fun and a bit lighter than his full-length releases. The singer said he pens the tunes with college kids and vacationers in mind.

“The songs for this project came together so fast. These special EP’s all began as a way to get new music out to the fans between studio projects. I feel like year after year we get a little bit better at writing for this. I think with these new songs I would be proud to put them on any album we release,” the country music star said.

Bryan added, “We kind of write ’em with college kids and Spring Break and that whole party theme in mind. I think it’s fun to put out songs just to get some new music out there for fans and more opportunities for them to have different types of music from.”

To support the upcoming release of Spring Break 6… Like We Ain’t Ever, Luke Bryan will perform a couple of concerts in Panama City Beach, Florida next month. Fans who want to help the singer celebrate the return of spring should seriously consider getting tickets for the shows at Spinnaker’s Beach Club on March 11 and 12.

Chances are some of the songs from the upcoming EP will find their way onto the set list during his shows this summer. Luke Bryan is preparing to take his music on the road later this year, a tour that will reportedly include three stadium shows. It would appear that the Georgia native has officially arrived.

“My main thing is more lights, more speakers, more video, more camera guys, more things to make it a very special, interactive experience with the fans,” Bryan explained during a press conference in January.

He added, “We’re just so excited about announcing these stadium dates. We’re pretty fired up. The beauty of this career is you guys, the fans keep allowing my years to get better and better. This is obviously the first step in making it an unbelievable year.”

Are you planning to pick up a copy of Luke Bryan’s Spring Break 6… Like We Ain’t Ever when it arrives on March 6?