Alturas Shooting Kills Four, Shooter Sherie Lash Even Used A Knife

The Alturas shooting in norther California resulted in the deaths of four people. The alleged shooter has been identified as Sherie Lash, or Sherie Rhoades depending on the report, from Cedarville, California.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Connecticut gun control laws for assault weapons based upon the Sandy Hook shooting are mostly being ignored by the majority of citizens. The state of California also had the highest number of gun murders in the nation despite having the strongest gun control laws.

So far reports seem to claim the motivation for the Alturas shooting was that 44-year-old Sherie Lash and her son were being evicted from the tribal Rancheria in the area. Lash is said to have been a former tribal leader although not much else is known about her. According to the Rancheria website it's a small tribe with only around 35 members.

While Lash was attending a tribal office meeting to discuss her eviction she allegedly opened fire, shooting six people. Four of the victims died at the scene of the crime but two survivors of the mass shooting were airlifted to a hospital where they're said to be in critical condition. The names of the victims have not been released but one of them is said to be the tribe's leader.

Residents of Alturas have been shocked by the shooting. Local woman Janie Erkiaga says, "We don't have things like this around here. This is rural country, God's country and things like this don't happen."

The only reason the Alturas shooter was halted in her killing spree was because a blood-soaked witness was able to escape and run to the police station. Lash apparently ran out of ammo for her guns and was running around the tribal office using a butcher knife to attack others. When police arrived Lash was outside the building and they were able to take her down quickly. She has been since taken to the Modoc County jail.