Justin Bieber Has Competition, Mom Pattie Mallette Sings Great In First Recording Session

Justin Bieber and Pattie Maltette’s famously close bond has seen plenty of sweet moments over the years. Now, they may have outdone themselves. According to tweets between the pair, Pattie stepped into a vocal booth for the first time on Thursday to record a song written by the 19-year-old.

Earlier today, Justin had nothing but praise for his woman who gave birth to him at just 18, as he praised Pattie’s singing chops.

“Got my moms courage enough to get in the booth for the first time she sounds so good,” he tweeted, linking over 49 million to a brief Instagram video of the studio session.

The 7-second video revealed a casually dressed Pattie, 38, singing a few bars of a guitar-backed song.

Honestly? She sounded great. Singing with a clear, expressive tone that’s naturally rhythmic.

But it’s the expression on Pattie’s face that’s the killer. Nervous is the word as she looked across at whoever was at the mixing desk for a verdict on her take.

The disembodied voice coming back across the recording studio sounds like it said, “Yeah man.”

Flush with her maiden effort, Pattie’s reply to Justin’s tweet, read,

“Amazing night recording my first song. Thank you so much for writing it love! (sic).”

She added, “That was the BEST night of my life. @justinbieber you were SO sweet to me & I had so much fun!,” before tweeting a snap of the twosome and a heartfelt message.

And it seems the studio session was an all-nighter.

Pattie’s follow on tweet, noted wryly, “Tacos for breakfast? I haven’t slept yet,” and a hashtag “#MakesSense.”

Feedback from family friends the Beadles and others echoed Bieber’s appreciation of Pattie’s vocal debut.

Justin and Pattie have in many ways come full circle. Four years ago they moved to Atlanta, Georgia, from Stratford, Canada, in 2008 at the invitation of the then new manager Scooter Braun. Together with his partner Usher who stepped up as Bieber’s mentor, the rapid ascent to stardom began.

Pattie has previously described those hectic, go-getting early years as a “whirlwind.” Four years later – synchronously – just as Bieber’s signature 2010 hit “Baby” is about to hit one billion views, that whirlwind has taken on a much darker shade.

A legal storm of criminal charges – including Bieber’s DUI arrest in Miami Beach last month, a charge of assault in Toronto, and possible impending charges for an alleged egg-assault – are matched by a negative-skewed media onslaught and robust anti-Bieber sentiment in the US.

Justin Bieber And Pattie Mallette

(Photo: Still from 2011’s Never Say Never)

The pendulum that once swung so positive for the bright eyed kid that broke through in 2009 with the infectious “One Time” now swings the flipside of stardom. At its heart — is Bieber’s own teen folly. But also, no small amount of the kind of intensive, bullying cruelty our modern social media age excels at.

Small wonder then, that mother and son are holding fast and enjoying moments such as their studio recording session together before the inevitable frenzy of Bieber’s court appearances next month. Pattie herself overcame a childhood and adolescence blighted by sexual abuse, drugs, alcoholism, suicide and teen pregnancy. She turned her life around through the help of mentors and her Christian faith.

It is this that gives her hope her son will find his way through his predicament.

“Pattie’s own story is why she has such hope and belief that Justin will come out of anything he deals with, in possibly an even better way than even she did,” a source told E! News, also adding,

“As any mom of an adult child Pattie is holding him close and talking to him about everything, but she can’t make his decisions for him.”

The insider also revealed the Nowhere But Up author was “finding it hard to be out in public since everyone is judging her” as a bad parent.

Yes, these are tough times. But Pattie and Justin are together, doubtless praying and hoping for better times ahead.

And maybe, more mother and son music-making.

Justin Bieber And Pattie Mallette Make Music Together

(Photo: Instagram)