Demi Lovato: Neon Lights Tour Is 'Fun For All Ages'

Demi Lovato wants everyone to know that her tour has a little something for everyone.

If you're older than the singer's core demographic and you're feeling weird about purchasing tickets to the Neon Lights tour, then Lovato wants you to take a deep breath and relax. According to the former X Factor judge, everyone can enjoy the performances she's carefully put together.

Although Demi Lovato refused to discuss her departure from the aforementioned singing competition during her chat with the Charlotte Observer, she did take a moment to talk about her tour. In the singer's humble opinion, the show has plenty to offer fans across the board.

"I've really tried to create a show that will be fun for all ages. It continuously motivates and inspires me to know that my story can help girls and young woman get through difficult times. I'm extremely lucky to be in a position where I can influence others," Lovato explained.

To make sure that the tour goes off without a hitch, everyone involved with putting the show together is fully expected to stay clean and sober for the duration. Demi Lovato previously struggled with addiction, so she's adamant that the crew adheres to these very specific rules.

"Everyone on the team is required to stay clean and focused, it's not about trying to party, it's about putting on the best show and everyone needs to be in tip top shape to do so. I've never had a show like this in my life and I've never been so fired up for a tour," she told Extra earlier this year.

Lovato has received some strong reviews for her Neon Lights tour, performances that many outlets have described as "anti-Miley." Since the singer is more concerned with putting on a good straightforward show as opposed to beating her fans over the head with over-the-top theatrics, critics and fans are understandably impressed with her endeavor.

The OC Register wrote:

"What's more important -- what will ensure women continue to grow with her -- is what she's bringing to the stage, refreshingly unpolished and honest performances that would be sullied by grander set design or costume changes. Let Miley twerk naked atop wrecking balls. All Demi needs is to be herself, rocking her butt off in skin-tight black pants that don't hide real-woman curves, defiantly wagging a lavender-streaked mane -- and belting her insides out."

Are you planning to catch Demi Lovato on her Neon Lights tour this year?