Watch: ‘The Walking Dead’ Sneak Peek Of Episode 11 ‘Claimed’

Attention Walking Dead fans! posted a sneak peek of Claimed, Sunday’s all-new episode of the smash hit series.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

The Walking Dead returned from its mid-season hiatus with the cast scattered about following the Governor’s attempted takeover of their prison home. The premiere episode After taking place during the aftermath of that assault focused on three of the main characters: Sheriff Rick Grimes and his son Carl, and the samurai sword wielding Michonne as they struggle to survive on their own against the legion of zombies roaming the wilderness.

Rick’s son Carl got the most airtime in the Walking Dead premiere episode. Played by Chandler Riggs, Carl is at first self-sufficient, but teeters between being able to take care of himself and being angry at his father Rick for letting the prison get destroyed. As previously reported on Inquisitr, some fans wondered if Carl was a bit too annoying in the episode. Michonne meanwhile, spent the episode in search of the others while battling some inner demons. A happy ending of sorts was reached at the end when the three were reunited at the close of the episode.

Last week’s installment of The Walking Dead, titled Inmates told the story of the remaining packs of survivors. Beth, played by Emily Kinney, and Daryl played by Norman Reedus paired up and made quick haste to escape more zombies as they approached from all directions. They stumble across the deceased remains of some would-be survivors, but the bodies have been devoured by zombies building up the suspense as to which beloved characters have just been discovered?

Inmates answers that question later on when it shifts focus to Tyreese, with baby Judith in tow, and two fresh faced youngens by his side. The zombie food in question turned out to be a couple of random survivors under attack that Tyreese tried in vain to save. In the surprise of the night however, banished character Carol makes her dramatic return just in time to save the kids from, you guessed it, more zombies. (They don’t call the show The Walking Dead for nothing). The remaining third of Inmates focuses on newlyweds Glenn and Maggie – split apart after the prison raid and their attempts to reunite. It ends with the introduction of a new character called Abraham.

The sneak peek of the next episode of The Walking Dead offered by AMC shifts the scene back to Carl and Michonne as they plan their next move. Rick, still reeling physically from the prison assault is told by Michonne to sit a planned supply run out, setting the stage for more bonding between pals Carl and Michonne.

The Walking Dead meanwhile, continues to crush the Olympics. As After did when it debuted, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Inmates beat the Winter Olympics in the ratings yet again.

Watch the sneak peek of Claimed, the next installment of The Walking Dead below: