Taylor Swift Possibly Teaming Up With Lorde In The Studio

Taylor Swift and fellow songstress Lorde are possibly teaming up to make beautiful music together in the studio.

The “Royals” singer doesn’t have a very high opinion of her fellow pop stars these days, though she doesn’t seem bothered by the sort of music Swift cranks out on a regular basis. In fact, Lorde wouldn’t mind working with Taylor on a track or two at some point in the very near future.

The New Zealand-born singer discussed the possibility of a collaboration during a recent chat with the folks over at E! Online. While nothing is presently set in stone just yet, she definitely seems interested in cooking up something with Taylor Swift.

“Yeah we are [different]. But I think the cool thing about Taylor is she is pretty willing to go a lot of places with music,” Lorde told the website.

She added, “I think that last record [Red] in particular, everyone was like ‘Woah’, a lot of ground has been covered. And I think with an artist like her, the sky is the limit.”

Lord isn’t the only person giving Taylor Swift lots of love these days. According to the New York Daily News, Olympic skier Torin Yater-Wallace often listened to Swift’s music before competing. When the singer learned about this interesting factoid, she sent the guy a special video message.

The skier was more than a little shocked that Taylor actually knew his name. The guy’s face reportedly lit up when he listened to the message for the first time. When asked what he would do should the pair decide to go on a date, the skier already had an idea in mind.

“We’ll go to the Hickory House in Aspen and get barbeque ribs and maybe go to the hot tub at the Ritz Carlton. And she can come over and we can see what happens after that,” Torin explained.

The Olympian added, “I’d like to thank you, Taylor Swift, for telling me good luck, and tell her she’s one of the most beautiful people to walk on this planet.”

While Swift is waiting for Lorde and Torin Yater-Wallace to come calling, she’s reportedly hard at work on the follow-up to her acclaimed album Red. During her chat with CNN earlier this month, Taylor said she intends to keep writing about the stuff going on all around her.

“Working on this album has been unbelievable. On ‘Red’ I did three songs with Max Martin and Shellback — ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ’22.’ I think we’ll be doing a lot more than three songs together on the next album,” the singer said.

Are you looking forward to a collaboration between Taylor Swift and Lorde?