‘The Lego Movie’ Battles Kevin Costner And A Volcano At The Box Office

The Lego Movie will square off against the Kevin Costner thriller 3 Days to Kill and the historical disaster flick Pompeii over the weekend.

However, industry analysts believe the family-friendly animated movie will take the top spot for the third straight week. In fact, Costner’s endeavor and the volcano flick probably won’t make much of a dent at the box office.

Both of the high-profile new releases will debut in approximately 2,500 theaters, which means they could theoretically give The Lego Movie a run for its cinematic money. However, neither film is tracking very well at the moment, which means Warner Bros. could slide into the top spot with relative ease. Then again, anything is possible in Hollywood.

The folks over at ScreenRant predict Pompeii will land at number four at the North American box office over the weekend, though they’re not too sure about the final placement of 3 Days to Kill. Although the site theorizes that the Kevin Costner flick will definitely enter the top 10, it’s hard to tell where the thriller will end up.

The Los Angeles Times believes The Lego Movie could add another $35 million to its swelling domestic total by the time the weekend comes to a close. Unfortunately, things don’t look very good for its big-screen competition.

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Although Pompeii director Paul W.S. Anderson generally has a tough time at the box office — his 2011 flick The Three Musketeers only made $20 million in the States — there’s a very strong possibility the movie could do well overseas. However, analysts believe the $80 million disaster film will make around $15 million during its first three days in theaters.

3 Days to Kill, the latest effort from Charlie’s Angels director McG, is presently expected to earn around $13 million from moviegoers in the US. However, the $28 million action-thriller is likely to find success with audiences overseas.

The RoboCop remake is proof positive that films which tank domestically can still do strong business in foreign markets. The reboot of the classic 1987 movie has generated only $33 million in receipts here in the US, while its foreign total currently stands at $70 million. This effectively pushed the picture’s worldwide gross to a respectable $103 million.

Kevin Hart’s About Last Night should also make a decent chunk of cinematic change this weekend. The comedian has become a serious box office draw this year, prompting the boys and girls at Universal to officially move forward with Ride Along 2. Hart’s Think Like a Man Too arrives in theaters this summer.

Do you think The Lego Movie will dominate the North American box office once again? Which movie do you plan to check out this weekend?