Father Killed By Teenage Son At Internet Cafe Over Violent Video Games

A teenager in China is alleged to have stabbed his own father to death at an internet cafe after he was confronted for playing violent video games instead of going to school.

The 14-year-old, who is known to have a serious addiction to gaming, was playing video games at a local internet cafe when he was supposed to be at school.

When his father went to fetch him from there, a heated argument ensued. Then, the boy drew a knife from his pocket and fatally stabbed his father.

The boy’s mother, Hua Mai, said that her son’s addiction to violent video games was the cause of her husband’s tragic death: “When my husband spotted that he had once again skipped his studies to go with his friends and play video games, my husband Lu had gone to get the boy,” she said.

The victim bled to death on the floor outside the internet cafe while his son fled from the scene on foot. Police caught up with the boy at another internet cafe and arrested him.

When it comes to incidents like this, the Chinese police react very strongly. They ordered every internet cafe in the immediate area of the murder to close so that the stabbing could be investigated.

Due to the fact that the boy’s mother blamed her son’s behavior on the violent video games that he plays, the police are looking into which game he was playing just before the stabbing took place.

A police spokesman said: “The boy’s mother has blamed the violent video games and we are investigating whether this could indeed be the case. Experts are checking the video game content and the boy has been interviewed.”

The suspect is being held in a psychiatric unit and is under observation.