Florida School Teacher Made 10-Year-Old Unclog Urinal With Bare Hands

A 58-year-old school teacher from Florida is facing battery charges after being accused of forcing a 10-year-old student in her care to unblock a dirty, blocked urinal with his bare hands.

The teacher, Jennifer Forshey, said she believed the child had clogged the urinal on purpose with paper towels and asked him to fish them out. Police said she showed no remorse at all at the time of her arrest following the incident.

The Coral Springs police report reads: ‘Victims hands were saturated in what smelled like urine from the urinal and the paper towel that was in the urinal.”

The report noted that Forshey regretted her actions in no way: “She only thinks what she did was wrong because she is in trouble for it. Otherwise, she does not see anything wrong with exposing a child to urine,” it said.

When the boy was questioned by police about the incident he said that not only did he not have any protective gloves on at the time he touched the urinal, but that there was also no hand soap in the bathroom with which he could wash his hands afterwards.

In a statement, the accused teacher maintained her innocence: “I did not do anything illegal, she said.

The boy’s mother, Jenay Roberts, refused to comment on the incident, but her Attorney Joshua Hertz released the following statement on her behalf:

“We want to protect this child and possibly any other children that may have been subjected to this form of corporal and unmoral punishment. My client wants to find out why a teacher would allow this to happen. She also asks for her and her son’s privacy to be respected and wants her son to retain a normal life back at the school.”