Justin Bieber Is ‘Loser’ Prize In USA Vs Canada Hockey Game, Low Blow?

Justin Bieber is very excited about Friday’s United States Vs. Canada semifinals of the 2014 Sochi Olympics men’s hockey tournament, but the stakes now involve the teen star in a way it’s doubtful he’ll appreciate.

While Canada’s men’s team will be hoping to copy the women’s solid win against the US today and go on to play for a gold medal, both team now have something else to play for:

The loser keeps Justin Bieber.

Certainly it’s a low blow, particularly as Bieber’s love of ice-hockey is well known and his most recent tweets indicate he will be following the game tomorrow. But if the current anti-Bieber sentiment is as strong in Bieber’s native Canada as it is in the States, it’s a wager neither team will want to lose.

Popular transport billboard Command Sign stirred the pot earlier today posting an electronic image of opposing team members with a superimposed image of Bieber in the middle with the said caption, “Loser keeps Bieber.”

In a tweet Thursday, Command Sign wrote, “Nothing is higher than the stakes of tomorrow’s game.”

The Twitter account seems fairly pleased with the reaction to its Bieber diss, gleefully remarking to one Twitter user that their billboard was “#1 on reddit!!!”

Yesterday, Bieber tweeted,

His manager, Scooter Braun, who is now engaged to a Canadian, Cancer charity founder Yael Cohen, joined in the online fun tweeting the 19-year-old, saying,

Some Bieber fans have taken exception to Command Sign’s unsportsmanlike take in the USA Vs hockey game, with one noting,

The issue of Bieber’s residency in the US and the odd notion that he is some sort of human shuttlecock to be pinged about between the two nations has come into sharp relief over the last year in the wake of a steady stream of incidents involving Bieber and latterly — allegedly criminal acts.

The “Baby” singer was arrested on January 23 in Miami Beach for an alleged DUI along with another driver and has also been accused of assault in Toronto by a limousine driver in a December incident.

The teen star is also awaiting news of whether he will be charged in connection with an egg-assault on his neighbor’s house, allegedly causing $20,000 in damages.

On the same day that news of Bieber’s alleged DUI arrest broke, a Detroit resident – Roger Skrzynski – 24, created a “We The Petition” as a “joke” [his words], calling for the singer’s deportation amid all sorts of dramatically disparaging descriptions.

Since its inception, over 260,000 have signed up to the petition which is significant in some ways, but considering the US population is 317.6 million, it’s also a drop in the ocean.

“I’m just listening on the radio about Bieber’s problems,” Skrzynski told MLive.com, “and thought: ‘How funny would it be to be the first to get a petition up there real quick and get a response from the White House?'”

As for the proposed Bieber wager in the USA vs. Canada hockey game: Our take?

These are stressful times for the young Canadian right now. Would it be too much for folks to allow him to enjoy the game like everyone else without being made into a “loser” prize as yet another example of the national pastime of bullying Bieber?

[Image via Command Sign]