Wanna look good for your funeral? Plastic surgery after death the new fashion trend

In the latest Hollywood WTF trend, people are getting cosmetic surgery, after they are dead to look good in their casket. And no we aren’t talking about car crash victims or the sick, just incredibly vain people.

Mark Duffey of Everest Funerals says “People used to say, just throw me in a pine box and bury me in the back yard but that’s all changing. Now people want to be remembered. A funeral is their last major event and they want to look good for it. I’ve even had people say, ‘I want you to get rid of my wrinkles and make me look younger.”

Another funeral director John Vigalante, manager of the Branch Funeral Home in New York says that funeral directors were doing Botox long before any doctor thought of using it.” John Vigliante. “Or at least we use a material that’s similar. We’ll inject tissue fillers into the lips, the nose, the cheeks, above the eyebrows, the chin, and the hands. It’s the same concept as Botox and dermal filler.”

Umm, ok, but if you’re dead I would have thought wrinkles would have been the least of your problems. If you must get botox before you die, then at least everyone can snigger openly. If you do it after death, because of that convention where we can only say nice things about dead people, none of us can have a giggle.

So is how good you look in your casket a concern for you? Expecting that your chances of picking up in the afterlife increase if you have work done for your funeral?

This also throws up another option for those desperate for a forehead as smooth as a flat screen TV, don’t head to Mexico or some third world country for cheap cosmetic surgery, just rock up to your local funeral home and ask for the works, they might even throw a casket in for you.

If you must, check out this video which shows the work of Isaiah Owens Enterprises where at your funeral he can make you look better dead than alive. I love this guy he says “I’ll give you a smile, at every other funeral parlour you will just look dead.” Gold.