Daft Punk: The Best International Group Is….

Daft Punk is literally the most popular group in the world, and the Brits Awards agrees. Last night Daft Punk won an award for “Best International Group” at the Brits Awards. Daft Punk beat out other nominees that consisted of Arcade Fire, Haim, Kings of Leon, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The Brit Awards had performances from Beyonce, Kate Perry, and One Direction.

At first everyone thought Daft Punk was actually at the awards due to their red carpet stunt, but it ended up being two impostors dressed exactly like Daft Punk, but just in Paddy Power’s underwear. The two impostors were employees from the prankster Paddy Power, and they were able to walk right in without suspicion, until they ripped off their pants. The fake duo did have a blast pretending to be Daft Punk as they were seen conversing with big celebrities such as Pharrell Williams, One Direction, and Ellie Goulding. Paddy Power states:

We agree with Noel Gallagher said about the Brits Last Year. The event could do with a bit more craic. It’s about as rock n’ roll as a baby shower. We decided to drop our trousers early and get out of there as our Daft Punk lookalikes were gagging to get to the pub to watch the Arsenal game. We tried to take One direction with us, but they didn’t have any ID.”

Unfortunately the real Daft Punk was not there to accept their award, but Nile Rodgers who appeared numerous times on Daft Punks Random Access Memories accepted the award for them. Rodgers states:

This an award that is really a team award, My bro Pharrell Williams, Daft Punk, everyone who done RAM, all the engineers, everyone who worked on this record, really hard hark.” He also says:

The Robots have a real vision who stuck to it when people said it couldn’t be done. I guess they were wrong.”

Luckily Nile and Pharrell were there to end the show with their smash hit Get Lucky, and Williams new single Happy, and yes Pharrell Williams was wearing his famous hat.

If you didn’t already know, last year Daft Punk made their comeback with their smash hit single Get Lucky. Get Lucky became the first million hit song of 2013, and the most streamed song in Spotify’s history. Daft Punk can now add “Best International Group” to their awards list. Their previous Grammy awards they won were “Record of The Year” for their single Get Lucky, and won Album “Of The Year” for Random Access Memories

Daft Punk has definitely shown what their cable of, and they certainly have made France proud.

[photo credit: Party Stuff by CS via photopin cc]