Gareth Bale Suffers From ‘Anxiety’, Is ‘Downcast’ At Real Madrid, Jorge Valdano Says

If Gareth Bale is really suffering from “anxiety” and is “downcast” at Real Madrid as Jose Valdano suggests he isn’t showing it too well.

Since coming from the Premier League in a record breaking deal, Bale has been very successful and even though he has been plagued by injuries he has managed to become the only Real Madrid player to have double digits in both goals (11) and assists (10).

His “enemy” has been injury and — not literally — teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the undisputed star in a team that has the depth to lose him and still remain in contention for the title in La Liga.

Gareth Bale naturally has had to adjust his style of play to a new league, which takes some time, and along with Jesse Hernandez have carried the team in Ronaldo’s absence — following a three game suspension.

Former Real Madrid player, manager, and director general Jorge Valdano’s comments are leaving many shaking their heads as nobody else seems to see what he sees when it comes to Gareth Bale, who is often seen smiling and enjoying himself in practice and games.

The comments that the Spanish legend made were reported by ESPN:

“(Gareth) Bale has a strange anxiety because you do not notice it in the intensity of play. When someone is anxious, they play at a speed above what suits them, but it is like he is somewhere else. That is the strange sensation you get from him. The team are saving him. There are so many points to consider, among them Jese who is drawing so much attention. I suppose it comes from his lack of regular games and the injuries. And also from being so closely observed because of what was paid for him. We have not yet seen the true Bale. You see he looks a bit unhappy at the moment. He looks a bit downcast.”

Real Madrid is currently on a three-way tie with Atletico Madrid and Barcelona and with Cristiano Ronaldo’s suspension coming to an end after the game against Elche have a good chance of pulling ahead.

But Gareth Bale has not been consistent and is still adjusting, which was more evident than ever during the last Real Madrid game against Getafe where he didn’t perform up to his £86 million price tag and lacked “quality,” but had “quantity,” according to manager Carlo Ancleotti.

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