Pizza Hut Manager Caught On Video Peeing Into Sink

A Pizza Hut district manager in West Virginia was caught on surveillance video peeing into a restaurant sink.

He was fired as a result of the incident at the Kermit, West Virigina store, and Mingo County health officials have shut down the restaurant and will keep it shuttered until it is completely cleaned up. “A cleaning crew is flying in from Texas to clean and sanitize the Kermit location as well as the other restaurants the District Manager was in charge of, including Pizza Huts in Ceredo, Danville, Chapmanville and Logan.”

A sign posted at the restaurant located at 85 miles southwest of Charleston reportedly explains that the pizza parlor is temporarily closed because of “conditions within the establishment constituting a substantial hazard to the public health.”

The urination incident reportedly occurred after hours and not when the restaurant was open for business.

The Pizza Hut corporation released the following statement after the footage emerged on the internet of the man urinating in the food prep area:

“Pizza Hut has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and the local owner of the restaurant took immediate action and terminated the employee involved. While the isolated incident occurred during non-business hours and did not involve any food tampering, we follow strict safety and handling procedures and the restaurant has since been closed. We apologize to our customers of Kermit, West Virginia and those in our system who have been let down by this situation.”

According to a Pizza Hut representative, the restaurant in question “did not have previous problems reported. Meaning, it was a store in good standing.”

Last month in a separate incident, a Pizza Hut employee in Tennessee was charged with a disorderly conduct misdemeanor for allegedly spitting in the food of a sheriff’s deputy.

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