Shocking Video: Ray Rice Knocks Fiancée Out, Drags Unconscious Body Out Of Elevator

Ravens running back Ray Rice apparently struck his fiance so hard it literally knocked her unconscious – and has the video to prove it!

A video posted by TMZ Sports shows Rice lifting and dragging a woman – presumably his fiancé – by her arms, and out of an elevator. He then gently placed her on the ground and pulls her legs away from the elevator doors. The woman appeared clearly limp and unresponsive.

According to a report on, “Rice’s attorney, Michael Diamondstein, told The Baltimore Sun that the footage is authentic but incomplete. The prosecutor’s office released a statement saying the case has been referred to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office for review.”

As previously report by the Inquisitr, Ray Rice was arrested, along with his fiancé on Saturday, February 15 in Atlantic City after an altercation at the Revel Casino. According to

“Both refused medical attention and did not report any injuries. [They] were charged with simple assault-domestic violence and were released on a summons to appear in court.”

But thanks to this shocking Ray Rice video posted by TMZ Sports, it’s clear there was nothing simple about this altercation at all. The shocking video clearly indicates the brutal nature of the incident and could pose more than just legal issues for the Ravens star:

“[The Ravens] are aware of the Friday night situation with Ray Rice and his fiancé,” Chad Steele, the Ravens’ director of public relations, told the The Baltimore Sun. “We have spoken with Ray, and know that they returned home together after being detained.”

The Baltimore Sun is also reporting that Rice’s arrest will be investigated under the NFL personal conduct policy. The article went on to describe the possible ramifications Rice may endure:

“NFL discipline can include suspensions, fines, banishment from the league, a probationary period where conditions have to be satisfied before reinstatement or a formal reprimand.”

Often times, the NFL can choose to levy punishment on a player even without an arrest or conviction, or even if they are convicted under a lesser plea. And in many cases reputations come in to play. Whether or not the player has a history of misconduct or suspendension for personal conduct reasons plays into how excessive their punishment may be from the NFL. Since Ray Rice had no history prior to this arrest, he may be treated more favorably than if he had.

However, the shocking video of Ray Rice and his unconscious fiancé outside of an elevator in an Atlantic City casino will certainly not help his case.