Christie Brinkley and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Star in Flight Safety Video

What if I told you that the still hot Christie Brinkley and other Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models did a flight safety video? Would you take the flight, wherever it was that the commercial was showing? Personally speaking, I’d take out the minimal life savings I have in my possession and get my tail to this spectacular area.

In this ever technical world however, we have the gift of the Internet. Yes the Internet, a place where the world finds itself 70% of the day. While it might be easy to find plenty of “racy” content online, this particular video, starring Christie Brinkley, Jessica Gomes, Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis and Ariel Meredith isn’t that bad.

Trust me, there is a lot of good here for the male eye…and maybe a few women. We don’t judge here.

The flight safety video was done as a bit of a 50th Anniversary nod to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue by Air New Zealand. The video is currently playing on all Air New Zealand flights and is possibly going to be there until the end of the year. I don’t see where anyone would complain. Those who do will be quickly told to look away until the beauty passes.

The video is actually what it claims to be, a flight safety video. Some places tend to focus on the sex side of something like this and forget what the whole thing is about to begin with. Air New Zealand did not forget the most important part of the video itself thankfully, which should be respected if you ask me.

Brinkley being part of the video was interesting. It seemed that Air New Zealand wanted her in there very badly. She’s hot, so you really cannot blame them for such a thought. The issue was, from an actual flight video standpoint, she was not needed. The other girls helped me far more on my flight safety than Christie did. That’s right, some of us concern ourselves with safety when we go on flights. I still have nightmares about snakes somehow ending up on a plane I’m on and hearing Samuel L. Jackson complain about it.

Christie Brinkley being in the video was cool to see though, so don’t get me wrong. Seeing her on top of the various other knockout beauties from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was awesome. Check out the video below to see the beauty. On top of that, you might learn something about flight safety. Come on guys, you did come to the Inquisitr.