Burger King Debuts Apple Pie-Flavored Burgers In Japan

Burger King in Japan is giving customers two all-American flavors in one very peculiar offering.

Instead of putting together tasty sandwiches with a slice of tomato, folks living in the region can snatch a burger that comes with a thin piece of apple. According to USA Today, patrons currently have two different burgers at their disposal.

If you prefer your Burger King apple pie-flavored experience with cinnamon mayonnaise, then you should dive directly into the BK Ringo. Those who need a little bacon with their apple-oriented burger should gravitate towards something called the NY Whopper.

Although the idea of an apple pie-flavored burger is probably enough to make most people give up fast food for the rest of their natural lives, apparently the new Burger King sandwiches aren’t nearly as overpowering as you may initially believe.

@SharlaInJapan For your next episode you should get the new Spicy Apple burger at Burger King! It looks weird/crazy!! pic.twitter.com/VBfW37ICuh

— Mike ☕ マイク (@wakuwakumaku) February 16, 2014

Adventurous eater Casey Baseel, who slings nifty words over at Rocket News 24, recently got his mitts on one of these apple burgers. According to Baseel, the foodstuff in question is very appealing.

“The cinnamon smells great. It doesn’t impart as much sweetness as you’d expect, though. There’s a short burst of cinnamon flavor that comes just before you wrap your mouth around the sandwich, but once you bite in, the initial flavors on the tongue is mayonnaise, followed by the juicy meat and slight char,” the writer explained.

He added, “The apple comes out a bit later as you chew, and the fruit’s texture is somewhat like a firm apple pie. It’s mild, but with a definite sweetness. The cinnamon notes come out for a tiny little encore, with the sesame from the bun finishing off the flavor profile.”

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Burger King has offered apple burgers to folks living in Japan. Rocket News 24 points out that the odd combo was previously served up during two periods back in 2012.

According to Food Beast, Burger King Japan customers can wash down the apple pie-flavored burgers with a beer or a cocktail. Yes, the region offers patrons who can legally consume alcohol an opportunity to guzzle booze while they’re enjoying their favorite BK menu items. Folks in America are no doubt seething with jealousy right about now.

What do you think about Burger King serving up apple burgers to customers in Japan?

[Image via 360b / Shutterstock.com]