Dan Marino To Reunite With Miami Dolphins Following ‘NFL Today’ Ouster?

Dan Marino to the Miami Dolphins? That’s the question on every Miami fan’s mind right now.

Following the shocking news that Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe were ousted from CBS’s pregame show The NFL Today in favor of the newly retired Tony Gonzalez, many media bloggers have posed that precise question. And considering the similar success of the Denver Broncos John Elway, the notion of reuniting Marino with his former team is not that farfetched. But as the Miami Herald points out, that may not be the best idea:

“Marino has no experience in running a team or dealing with player personnel,” the Herald writes when comparing the possible Marino experiment to Elway. “Elway has shown a knack for making the right moves and landing the right players — after all, his team just made the Super Bowl — but Marino has been a TV talking head for the past several years.”

The Miami Herald did point out the Dan did briefly serve as a member of the Dolphins organization in 2004 before deciding to go back to TV. And it’s worth noting that Marino could certainly grow into the role much the way Elway has. The problem being of course, that with nothing to compare against, Marino would be the unknown in this case. Given the current state of the team following the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin scandal, however, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross may need to take that risk to revitalize the franchise according to The Herald:

“With the Dolphins under the stink of the NFL harassment scandal, coming off an untidy general manager search, news of dysfunction within the football side of the organization and, oh yeah, that late season collapse that turned an almost certain playoff berth into a major disappointment, perhaps chasing Marino is the thing owner Stephen Ross decides he’d like to do.”

But would Dan even want to come back? As much as Marino as an executive is an unknown in the equation, with the Dolphins currently in turmoil, Marino himself may be questioning if a move to Miami is right for him. In the end, as James Walker, Dolphins blogger for ESPN.com points out, it may all come down to timing:

“Marino just lost his gig with CBS and is available. However, the Dolphins have been reluctant to go after Marino in the past. Let’s see if the timing is right to find Marino a role in the organization.”

What do you think? Would Dan Marino to the Miami Dolphins make sense?