Touchscreen Gloves: New Liquid Can Make Any Pair Smartphone Friendly

Touchscreen gloves are already for sale from most major clothing retailers. But a new Kickstarter campaign has cold weather customers raving over a liquid that will transform any pair of gloves. Nanotips, created by Tony Yu, offers a way to turn any pair of hand warmers into a ready to use, smartphone compatible tool.

The idea for the liquid came when Yu realized he needed a pair of touchscreen gloves when he was outside. It was too cold to take his hands out and normal gloves, whether leather or knitted, didn’t seem to get the job done. When he priced how much a touchscreen compatible pair would be, he was floored. He thought to himself, surely there must be a way to transform any pair.

That’s when Yu invented Nanotips. The liquid solution can be applied to any type of material and within minutes is ready to use. Yu claims that the solution can last for months, depending on the amount of usage the wearer puts into them. Considering most users would only use Nanotips for a few months anyways, that sounds like a great deal.

One bottle can go a long way to turn any pair into touchscreen gloves. The Kickstarter campaign is going so well that with five days remaining, Yu has exceeded his goal of $10,500 CAD by $55,098. With 2,172 backers, it looks like he may have hit on a product that customers want.

It is not a miracle liquid however. There is a chance that the black version, used on leathers and rubbers, can discolor lighter colored gloves. The blue, used on other kinds of fabrics, can potentially alter the feel of the fabric itself. But so far, people seemed pretty excited about this new method of obtaining touchscreen gloves.

So what do you think? Would you use a liquid like Nanotips on your favorite pair of gloves? Or would you rather just buy a pair of touchscreen gloves?