‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul Dishes On His ‘Price Is Right’ Appearance

Before he landed a role on Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul was just another impossibly excited contestant on The Price is Right.

After the actor became a household name courtesy of AMC’s hit television series, a clip of Paul on the aforementioned game show started making the rounds online. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take very long for the video to become a viral sensation.

Although the old clip bubbled to the surface in August of last year, the Breaking Bad alum recently shed some light on why he’s his energy level is through the proverbial roof. According to Paul, his spastic behavior was the result of copious amount of Red Bull.

“It looks like I’m on some serious crack. I downed about six cans of Red Bull because I knew they wanted people with energy. It worked, but I could not sit still. It was not healthy,” the actor recently told a CBS affiliate.

The clip, which introduces the Breaking Bad star as Aaron Sturtevant, showcases the actor’s obvious excitement about appearing on The Price is Right. After delivering some high-fives to members of the audience, he expresses his undying affection for host Bob Barker.

“I love you Bob! You’re my idol!” he exclaimed.

Unfortunately for Paul, he didn’t win any huge prizes during his adventure on the program. Although he reportedly bid on a Camaro and a few other goodies, he was ultimately $132 over the actual retail price of the items.

However, Paul’s bad luck didn’t last too long. He eventually found himself on AMC’s Breaking Bad, a show that was recently hailed by many as one of the best shows in the history of television. Now that the series has officially wrapped up, Aaron Paul is shifting his focus to the big screen.

Director Scott Waugh’s Need for Speed, a film that finds Paul tackling the role of Tobey Marshall, opens in theaters across the US on March 14. The actor previously stated that he hopes fans can separate Marshall from his character on Breaking Bad.

The actor explained:

“They’re such polar opposite people. I think that the moment Tobey Marshall comes on-screen, they’re not going to see — or hopefully they’re not going to see — Jesse Pinkman. Jesse was I think struggling to find his way throughout the entire show. He never really had his footing ever, and he never, ever caught a break. Tobey is a very strong man.”

There’s also a possibility that Aaron Paul could reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman on the upcoming Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul. However, his involvement with the new series is still up in the air.