Vancouver Canucks' Fans Riot Following Stanley Cup Finals Loss

Michael Söze

This morning Vancouver officials were left reeling as Canucks' fans ran wild late last night burning cars, breaking windows and looting, following a 4-0 loss to Boston in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals

“It’s absolutely disgraceful,” Mayor Gregor Robertson told reporters last night, adding that police were being brought in from outside the city to stop the violence. “We will deal with the troublemakers.”

What started as a relatively quiet night, disheartened fans flooding the downtown streets following their team's loss, quickly escalated into mayhem as individuals set fire to a stuffed bear decorated to symbolize the Bruins. Others sang a drunken tune as they danced on an overturned vehicle.

From there, things continued to spiral downward as people began to turn to looting, breaking into a Bay department store and escaping with anything they could get their hands on, from MAC cosmetics, to T-shirts, to expensive Coach purses.

Sears and Chapters stores were also looted, their glass fronts smashed. For many, the ugly chaos made the Cup loss an afterthought.

"This isn't what the Canucks are about," said one local resident and Canucks fan. "This isn't what their fans are about. This isn't what this city is about."

The following video shows some of the crazy footage from the riots including burning cars, vandalism, and arrests being made.

via CSM [img]