Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ Makes Armadillo Dance

Ever want to see an armadillo dance? Some Michael Jackson tunes might help. We all know that most of Jackson’s music was revered as some of the best pop tracks. Apparently, one particular armadillo is also fond of Jackson’s pop tunes. Funny enough, MJ helps him find his own rhythm as the armadillo appears to be dancing to the track “Billie Jean.”

The armadillo, now known as “Dillo Jean”, is seen moonwalking in the leaves to Michael Jackson’s song to the beat. If you can’t wait to ditch your leaf blower, this little guy may be the answer to your prayers. With his leaf-moving moonwalk, the Michael Jackson armadillo is not only capturing the hearts across the world, but he’s taking some leaves with him too.

The Dillo Jean armadillo isn’t the only one to get the Michael Jackson comparison treatment. Singer Lorde has now been compared to Michael Jackson for her rules breaking pop sound and for being a fashion rebel. Still a teen, Lorde’s former music teacher, Jenny Bezuidenhout, spoke to CNN about her Michael Jackson comparison in the industry.

“I think we are all inspired, we are overjoyed. This is like having a Michael Jackson amongst us.”

Hopefully, Lorde doesn’t get into the financial troubles that Jackson did in the years before his death. Even after his 2009 death, Jackson’s estate is arguing over his money. As we previously reported, Michael Jackson’s estate is currently in a battle with the Beatles over Jackson’s ownership of the Beatles catalog.

“According to TMZ, Spizer spoke exclusively with the publication in regards to Jackson’s Beatles collection. What he had to say only adds more fuel to the fire, further implicating the estate executors for the grossly negligent accounting of Jackson’s assets and value.”

Spizer, the Beatles’ tax attorney, said that it’s indecipherable to come up with a small value number when royalties are concerned. “No one could value that collection at zero with a straight face.”

In 1985, Jackson purchased the British broadcasting company ATV for $47.5 million. The sale gave permission to Jackson to control more than 200 Beatles song.

As far as Jackson’s estate goes, the IRS is being accused of inflating the amount that Jackson owes. The tax agency claims there’s $505 million in unpaid taxes due to undervaluing the assets. The government has “opted to add a 40 percent penalty for the withheld information.” Add the 40 percent penalty of $200 million, and you have a $700 million tax bill that’s still unpaid.

According to Jackson’s estate, they are currently disputing over the IRS analysis of all of Michael Jackson’s assets.

If that makes your head hurt, you can always watch the dancing armadillo.