Avril Lavigne Set To Perform In China Later This Month

Avril Lavigne is preparing for a gig in Shanghai, China later this month.

Although the pop-punk princess has performed shows for fans all over the world, she’s reportedly adored in Asia. According to the folks over at ECNS, the Lavigne will perform a selection of her hits in the country on February 21.

If you enjoy the singer’s brand of pop music and live in or around Shanghai, then you should seriously consider picking up a few tickets to the upcoming show. Since Avril Lavigne has a very loyal following in the region, seating is likely very limited at this point.

Tickets for Lavigne’s show at the Mercedes-Benz Arena will run between $62 and $280 depending on how close you want to sit to the singer during the show. Considering she’s sold approximately 30 million records around the planet, there’s a strong possibility that Lavigne will perform for a very packed house.

During her recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Avril Lavigne discussed her current adventure through Asia. The website points out that the singer was embraced by fans in Japan during the early stages of her career. This may explain why she kicked off the first leg of her Asian tour in the region.

Lavigne also discussed the differences between fans in Japan and China:

“In Japan, the audience is always in sync together. If you ask them to clap, they all clap. If I start fist pumping, they all fist pump with me. It’s pretty cool. In between every song, they stop and they’re quiet because they’re so respectful. Then if you play a fast song, they all start rocking out, and the minute you’re done, they stop… In China, the show starts, and everyone in the bleachers comes running down to the front and everyone’s tripping over each other and it’s rowdy, mayhem. It’s craziness.”

The singer said she doesn’t bring much with her when she’s touring the world. Although she generally has 30 to 50 people with her during the gigs, most of these people are crew and band members. This is quite refreshing considering the amount of stuff some of her fellow pop stars bring with them on the road.

She added, “I have my rollie, which has my computer in it, so I’ll work or listen to music or write music or go through approvals. I wear tights, black leggings, and I always wear a hoodie and sunglasses.”

Are you a fan of Avril Lavigne? What do you think about the singer gaining acceptance in Japan before hitting it big elsewhere?