Ariana Grande And Perez Hilton Battle It Out On Social Media

Chances are singer Ariana Grande and celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton won’t meet up for a friendly lunch anytime soon.

The drama between Grande and Hilton began during the 2014 Grammy Awards. According to reports, the Sam & Cat star was almost driven to tears after the blogger decided to say some nasty things about the 20-year-old on Twitter.

Not surprisingly, Ariana Grande’s fans decided to wage a small war against Perez. This apparently included a slew of disparaging comments and a few death threats. Since he’s fed up with the singer’s legion of loyal fans, Hilton decided to address the feud on Instagram.

The blogger wrote:

“I know most @ArianaGrande fans are 12 years old- at least they almost all act like it – but ENOUGH is enough! Even 12 year olds KNOW better than to wish death on a baby and say the disgusting things that 99 percent of her fans have been spamming my Instagram with. I am NOT sorry I said #ArianaGrande was dressed awfully with boring hair at the Grammy Awards. I will not apologize. And, listen up, kids! For every day you continue to say vile things on my photos, I will continue to bring it to the attention of Ariana.”

Perez Hilton continued:

” Do YOU want her seeing all those tweets pointing to the fact that she has the worst fandom out there? She does. It’s the truth. And, at this point, her silence on this matter is shameful. Her team KNOWS what her fans are saying about my family and doing to my Instagram photos. Ariana keeping quiet is condoning and promoting that behavior! Shameful, Ariana. Shameful! Quite being such an enabler and SAY SOMETHING! Until then, I guess I will be a baby myself and do what I think I need to do to get this bull*** to stop. All this silliness started over me saying I did not like her look! I had always supported and liked Ariana. Until now! Over her! And over her fans!”

The blogger suggested that Ariana Grande knows about all the horrible things fans are saying about his baby. Since she refuses address the situation — something Lady Gaga did when her feud with Hilton reached a fever pitch — Hilton believes she’s ultimately to blame for all the hate.

Although Perez is far from a sympathetic individual, fans who make horrible threats towards his toddler are definitely taking things a little too far. Of course, the blogger seems to bring this sort of attention on himself these days. After all, this isn’t the first time the guy has picked on a celebrity and then cried when the heat got a little too hot to handle.

Ariana Grande is easily one of the sweetest and most genuine people in the entertainment industry, which makes her an easy target for haters. Hilton has a well-documented history of stirring up trouble, only to tuck his tail and run when fans decide to lash out in response. Considering he’s made a good living off peddling rumors and accusations, he shouldn’t complain too much when fans decide to stand up and push back.

When your business is mud-slinging and muck-raking, one should probably anticipate backlash when feathers are ruffled. Hilton doesn’t have a problem dishing the hatred, though he seems incapable of dealing with the consequences of his actions. In short: Don’t mess with someone like Ariana Grande if you don’t want people to put you in the crosshairs. This is a lesson some internet bullies just have to learn the hard way.

Do you think it’s time Ariana Grande addressed the problem with her fans? Is staying silent about the mean-spirited comments the same as condoning the hatred? At what point do celebrities have to draw the line when trying to wrangle their fans?

[Image via Nickelodeon]