Khloe Kardashian Urges Fans To Wear Faux Fur In A Bold Statement

Khloe Kardashian wants the world to know that she is against the use of fur for the good of fashion, and in a rather bold statement to her fans, she hopes others will follow suit.

On Monday, the Kardashian sister was spotted out and about in a faux fur coat with the words "F**k Yo Fur" written across the back in bright red spray paint. According to Us Weekly, in 2008 Khloe posed completely nude in a PETA ad with the tagline, "Fur? I'd rather go naked." At the time, Khloe posted the following to her blog:

"I am done with fur forever and I have now found so many amazing faux fur lines that are great alternatives for women who love the look and love animals."
Khloe took to twitter to post photos and a video of the faux fur coat she wore as part of her statement against the use of animal fur.While Khloe was once apart of the animal rights group PETA, she no longer chooses to associate herself with them after learning that the woman responsible for throwing flour on her sister Kim was actually connected to the organization according to Fashion Times.

"I've been a vocal supporter of PETA for a long time but I have also been very vocal about anti-bullying, so this was a huge disappointment for me," Kardashian said in a blog post following the flour-bombing incident. "As you all know, I don't condone violence and bullying …. I am absolutely disgusted by their behavior."

The Kardashian sister took to Twitter to clarify once again that she does not want to be associated with the animal rights group. She even hints at what the woman did was a form of bullying.

What do you think of Khloe Kardashian's anti-fur statement? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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