Pakistan Arrests Bin Laden Informants Who Helped Find Him

The U.S. and Pakistan’s relations have seen better days since Navy SEALs came in without permission and took out bin Laden. A little over a month after the fact, relations are starting to get even worse.

It was announced Tuesday that Pakistan had captured several CIA informants who played an important role in finding and killing Osama bin Laden. One of the informants, reportedly a Pakistani Army major, owned the safe house the CIA used to spy on bin Laden.

Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, is reported to have captured the informants. The ISI has a rather notorious reputation among intelligence circles, with the agency widely considered to be sinister and having ties with extremists — namely the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

The CIA had recently informed Pakistan’s intelligence agency about two compounds used to create and smuggle explosives used to kill American troops in Afghanistan. Before Pakistani soldiers were able to arrive, the militants and explosives had already been evacuated – leading the CIA to believe Pakistan’s ISI tipped off the militants.

U.S. officials told Fox News that the ISI fears CIA presence in Pakistan, worrying that the CIA may uncover the secret service’s ties to extremist groups.