Bode Miller: NBC Under Fire For Intense Interview

Body Miller has made headlines for NBC reporter Christin Cooper in a negative way after she pushes too hard in an interview with the bronze medal winner. Cooper brought Miller to tears when she asked about Miller’s brother, who died last April.

Bode Miller’s brother was a talented snowboarder, but unfortunately he had suffered from seizures. The seizures was the result of a motorcycle accident he had in 2005 close to his family’s home in New Hampshire. Bode has stated many times that he continues to strive for his brother every time he competes, and he is always willing to share that with reporters.

Christin Cooper is getting criticized for pushing Miller too far, but Bode chose to stand up for her because she asked tough questions about his brother. Miller tweeted this statement:

“I appreciate everyone sticking up for me. Please be gentle with Christin Cooper, it was crazy emotional and not all her fault.” He then added another tweet:

“My emotions were very raw, she asked the questions that every interviewer would have… she wasn’t trying to cause pain”.

Bode knew that talking about his brother wasn’t off limits, and he said publicly that the Sochi Games were a chance to connect with his brother’s spirit, and repeated that before Sundays race. So it is understandable why Cooper would ask those questions. Being a reporter she probably thought asking about his brother would make the interview more meaningful, and emotionally appealing to viewers.

Bode says that he and Cooper are good friends, and Monday morning in an interview with Matt Lauer on the “Today Show” Miller said:

“I have known Christin along time, and shes a sweetheart of a person, I know she didn’t mean to push. I don’t think she really anticipated what my reaction was going to be, and I think by the time she realized it, it was too late.”

Just like Bode Miller, NBC is choosing to stand by their reporter Christin Cooper during this controversial headline.

Miller has had many other issues that could have affected his emotional state. Since the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Miller has been through a custody dispute, knee surgery, his wife’s miscarriage, and his brothers death. Even through all that Bode Miller has channeled all his grief and aimed it toward his success at these Olympics by winning a bronze medal in the Super-G race for the U.S. Congratulations Bode Miller on your win!