Liam Payne Explains Duck Dynasty Tweet

Let’s back up, guys, Liam Payne of One Direction fame didn’t mean anything bad about his love of Duck Dynasty. Liam has taken a lot of flack after coming out on twitter, claiming that he liked the show, saying:

Liam Payne Duck Dynasty tweet

Most fans of the show feel the same way that the singer and part time pro-wrestler feels regarding the show. The issue is, due to the Phil Robertson comments that hit massively, many people are sour on the show in various ways. Whether it’s animal rights activists, GLADD, or what have you, it seems that Duck Dynasty cannot escape the hate.

That obviously means we should hate anyone who likes the show or the business right? Wait, we don’t have to agree with the cool crowd outside of high school?

Most feel that Liam was simply expressing his love for something he enjoyed with no real issue against anyone. He wanted to make sure that the people who followed him knew he liked the show, but specifically Willy Robertson who the tweet was sent to. Then, a flood happened of which the likes of only Noah may have truly understood. It is always assumed that anything said by a celeb will be loved or hated, and hate is to always be expected.

Regardless, Mr. Payne wanted to make his views on the show known and at the time, seemed to not care about the consequences. Liam does not seem to be like most other celebs who have a social media manager handling all social media outlets for him. This is why the tweets are must-see, as it’s literally a guy making a human, rational response. I know, a person online being rational? Apparently it exists. Liam went on twitter to say:

Liam Payne Response to Duck Dynasty love

Let’s be honest, Liam Payne could have handled things better here. However, what he is saying is organic and from a rational side seemingly as it would be how a lot of us would have responded. He asks what he has to do to please people, and basically asks why he has to ask permission to be a fan of something. Due to being in the spotlight, naturally he has an issue in front of him. Anything he says will be analyzed and either hated or loved.

This is not fair, but it was his choice to be in the spotlight too. So you have to give up freedoms you once had. Liam is the type of guy who is just real, no tricks, no play. That is to be respected. He is obviously going to get upset however, as he does have a soul that has not been immediately corrupted by fame yet.

At the end of the day, the best quote was this: “Being a fan of someones show and the way they still hold a family together, doesnt mean I am ok with all they say.”

This makes total sense at the end of the day, right Liberals?