San Francisco: Google’s Expansion Results In A Demand For New Buildings

Google is looking to expand their company in San Francisco. As a result they have acquired many new engineers, but they need to make room for them. Google has decided to lease a 35,000-square-foot building in San Francisco at the corner of Alabama Street and 16th Street.

This building will be an addition to the other office Google has in San Francisco in the neighborhood of SoMa, and they are also opening up another location in South Park. San Francisco is Google’s urban outpost in northern California. Their San Francisco team’s focus on engineering projects, and they have even more sales teams that work the San Francisco area. Gretchen Howard is the Sales Directer for Google in San Francisco, and he states:

” We look out on the San Francisco Bay, walk to the Giants games, and are near great bars and restaurants. It’s no wonder people couldn’t stop smiling when we first opened our doors.”

The building used to be a newspaper and catalog printer firm called the Howard Quinn Company for half a century until it recently closed down in 2012. This building is massive considering it can hold up to 200 people. If Google is looking into spaces as big as these in San Francisco, then it could mean Google is planning to buy more start-ups as they expand into other market segments. These segments could be robotics, and wearable technology such as Google Glasses.

Google has been quite busy expanding their company this past year. They have bought out SlickLogin, and Nest Labs for 3.2 billion dollars. Then they bought a company called Bot and Dolly, and they provide robotic use for filmmakers. In December Google also bought Boston Dynamics, and they make nature inspired robots. What could Google be planning?

The main headquarters of Google is located in Mountain View, California which is better known as Googleplex. Their San Francisco location will only be 45 minutes away, because their locations are so close, Google will have buses going back and forth from the main headquarters to any of the San Francisco locations. Recently Google had purchased six buildings back in 2013, so they can add 400,000 square feet of office space to expand their operations. Google is calling this expansion “Bayview”. These buildings are boomerang shaped, and they are connected by bridges. David Radcliffe is a civil engineer who is overseeing Googleplex expansion, and he states that:

“You can’t schedule innovation. We want to create opportunities for people to have ideas and be able to turn to others right there and say, ‘What do you think of this?’ Radcliffe also says no worker in all of Bayview will be more than a two-and-a-half minute walk from any other staffer”.

Google says that “Bayview” will be their biggest office complex in the U.S, and completion of “Bayview” is expected to be in February 2015.

It seems Google isn’t slowing down at all, and they are expanding to the future. They are definitely a company to be reckoned with, and the competition between big companies such as Apple will be even more fierce. If Google is this big now, I cant wait to see what it will be like in the future.

Google’s San Francisco locations will make a big impact for Google, and help them reach new heights.