Marcus Smart Calls Out Critical Blogger On Twitter During Oklahoma State Game

Marcus Smart has more problems with fans, though this time he’s expressing his frustration using his words rather than his hands.

Just a little more than a week after the Oklahoma State University star was suspended for pushing a fan during the end of his team’s upset loss to Texas Tech, Smart once again lashed out at a fan. On Monday night, during his team’s overtime loss to Baylor, Marcus Smart took to Twitter to chastise an OSU blog for being too down on the team.

“Yo dude,” Smart tweeted. “Listen no one is forcing u to watch the game or watch us play. If [you’re] a Osu cowboy, act like it. I’m tired of seeing your negativity towards the team and the coaches. [These] aren’t shots fired or any disrespect. Just saying.”

The Blog, Pistols Firing, has been rough on coach Travis Ford as the Cowboys have withered under the pressure of the Big 12 schedule. The team has fallen from the top 10 in the national polls to the bubble of the NCAA tournament.

Kyle Porter, who runs Pistols Firing, told Yahoo Sports that Smart was fair in his criticism of the site.

“If I’m allowed to critique his basketball then he’s sure allowed to critique my writing,” Porter said. “I do think there needs to be an understanding of the difference between a fan and a blogger whose job it is to write humorously and interestingly about a team (or any entity) but if I don’t even understand it all the time, I sure don’t expect a college kid to.”

But tweeting during a game does not bode well for Marcus Smart, who last week shoved fan Jeff Orr at the tail end of a loss to Texas Tech. The Big 12 came down hard on Smart, suspending him for three games.

“Just can’t let that happened again,” Smart said the next day. “This is a lesson I’ll have to learn from. The consequences that are coming with it, I’m taking full responsibility. No finger pointing. This is all upon me.”

It’s not clear if Marcus Smart has learned the lesson.