O’Reilly, Rove claim Economic Crisis is a Media Conspiracy to help Obama

Lost your job recently, or know someone who did? The United States had its biggest fall in employment for November in at least 20 years, the banks as we already know are all living off Government welfare, and the US car industry in on the brink of total collapse.

But don’t worry too much, because it’s not as bad as it seems!

Bill O’Reilly spoke to Karl Rove on Fox yesterday (Monday) about the economic crisis, and Rove said that the economic crisis is really a media beetup as part of a conscious effort by parts of the media, including the New York Times, to paint a dire picture of the economy in order to help Obama. The theory goes: make it a lot worse now, so Obama can come in and save us all, and Bush gets the blame for all the bad stuff.

If you can stomach it, the O’Reilly Rove interview as follows: