Gloria Allred Now Representing One of the Weinergate Women

A former porn star who exchanged sexually charged text messages (but not images) with New York congressman Anthony Weiner is now being represented by high profile lawyer Gloria Allred.

Ginger Lee held a press conference today with Allred, in which she provided further information about her interactions with Weiner, but insisted she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight for her role in the scandal. (Protip: If you are avoiding the spotlight, calling a press conference in which you further titillate an already excited press is generally not a clever way of going about things.)

Lee, who says she believes Weiner should resign, was an ardent fan of the fiery congressman before the scandal broke. Among the tidbits Lee disclosed in her push to avoid attention were these statements she says Weiner made during their contact:

“Alright, my package and I are not going to beg. We both see the hazard of going down the path of comparative sexiness.”

“You aren’t giving my package due credit.”

“I have wardrobe demands too, I need to highlight my package.”


Fellow House Democrats and even the President have failed to support Weiner during the scandal- creating a dangerous precedent that seems to suggest that if slime like Andrew Breitbart see you as a threat, other Dems will be off like a prom dress rather than risk being targeted, too. Do you think the left needs a bit more spine, kind of like… Anthony Weiner?