Tom Hanks’ Production Company Announces Major Matt Mason, American Gods, American Idiot Projects

Tom Hanks’ production company, Playtone Productions, is reportedly working on three television and movie projects.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Hanks’ production company is working on pitching a screenplay for “Major Matt Mason”, a screenplay written by Hanks himself. The studio is currently shooting for getting Robert Zemeckis on board as the director of the 3D live-action film.

The second project announced in Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive reveal is American Gods, an upcoming TV series airing on HBO spamming six seasons and “ten to twelve” hour-long episodes. The series is rich in religious folklore and grand in scope, dealing with gods in Nordic and Greek mythology all the way up to the Christian God. The series is expected to premier in 2013.

And last on the trio of reveals is a screen version of the Broadway adaptation of Green Day’s American Idiot album. Michael Mayer is said to be directing the movie, with Billie Joe Armstrong reprising his Broadway role as St. Jimmy.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Image credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images