High School Sweetheart Inspires Dramatic 275 Pound Weight Loss In Virginian Man

Lee Jordan can thank Beth Schwein, his high school and college sweetheart from over twenty years ago for inspiring his dramatic 275 pound weight loss.

According to a touching article found on CNN.com, Lee Jordan and Beth Schwein were high school sweethearts back in the early 1980s. Beth, a year older than Lee, went away to college at Radford University in Virginia. Lee followed a year later, but the relationship hit the skids midway through their time together. Beth went on to graduate while Lee, “heartbroken” according to the article, dropped out of school altogether.

Beth went on to start a professional life. She married and also started a family. Lee however, began gaining weight at a dramatic rate. “Whether he was on the road or home alone, he estimates, he was eating 8,000 to 12,000 calories a day,” according to the CNN.com article.

Years later the two exchanged letters out of the blue and they planned a meeting a Starbucks in Herndon, Virginia. Lee, weighing close to 450 pounds at the time, expected Beth to react to how dramatically overweight he was in the way most people typically did:

“[With] pity. Shock. Horror,” he said. But instead, “Beth looked at me, and all she saw was Lee Jordan,” he remembers. “That’s it. There was nothing but love and acceptance in her eyes.”

From that point forward Lee Jordan made a commitment to weight loss and doing it the right way. Previously, he had tried several shock diets, but “he soon learned this was not a lifestyle he could sustain” and gained whatever weight he lost right back. This time, he had gastric band surgery to control his food intake, started a walking program and then hired a trainer to help him through. All the while, Beth Schwein kept in touch through letters, motivating him to lead a new, healthy lifestyle.

Dramatic weight loss has been scrutinized in the media lately after The Biggest Loser contestant Rachel Frederickson lost 155 pounds to take top honors on the reality TV show. She was criticized for losing too much weight to the point that even her trainers, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels were shocked with her dramatic new appearance.

But Lee’s dramatic weight loss happened over a longer period of time, and to his credit, “love, acceptance and encouragement (were) the difference-makers,” according to the article.

Today, Lee Jordan weighs 178 pounds with a waist size of 34. He and Beth married in 2012 and the pair have love to thank for Lee’s dramatic weight loss.