Is Miley Cyrus 'Upset' Over Liam Hemsworth's New Relationship?

Miley Cyrus has told the public time and time again that she's over ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth, but is she just putting on a front? Rumor has it that the "Adore You" singer is upset over the thought of her ex with other women.

An earlier report by The Inquisitr stated that Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth and Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev were spotted getting cuddly with each other at the Corner Tavern in Atlanta's Edgewood neighborhood two weekends ago.

Multiple witnesses say they saw the two getting very close and even sharing a few intimate looking kisses before separating for the evening. One witness, Daniele Blair said the two "definitely looked like a couple."

"Nina was sitting on his lap and they were staring into each other's eyes while talking," adds Blair. "She spent the whole time only talking to him."
According to sites such as Hollywood Life, Miley Cyrus may not be over her ex-fiance like she has told people so many times. According to the site, Miley is very upset over Liam's rumored new relationship with Nina Dobrev. Sources close to the singer say that at least she has her Bangerz Tour to keep her busy.
"The tour has been helping take her mind off Liam, because she has no choice but to be really focused, but when she heard about Liam and Nina of course she was upset," a source tells Hollywood Life exclusively. "She hasn't spoken to him in a while and she tries not to think about him with other girls but she heard about it and it hurt. She's just trying to move on though, and not obsess."
Well, the singer reportedly is moving on and rumors say she's planning on selling her current home and moving to a downtown Los Angeles high-rise condo. But is is because of the recent news of Liam's new romance? According to Fashion & Style, the move wasn't sparked because of Liam, but because of security concerns.

"Miley's security situation has been a massive issue for the last year - she would like to come and go as she pleases and feel safe alone in her home and that just isn't happening with her current house," said a source close to the "Adore You" singer.

So is Miley Cyrus upset over Liam Hemsworth's new rumored relationship with Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev? Well it wouldn't be completely unreasonable. At lease Miley has plenty to keep her mind busy in the mean time!

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