Adventure Time Card Wars Game Comes To iOS and Tabletop

If you watched the Card Wars episode of the popular Cartoon Network show Adventure Time and were left longing for an opportunity to play the epic collectible card game Finn and Jake played, you’re in luck. Adventure Time Card Wars can now be yours on your favorite iOS device, allowing you to do battle with your friends in order to see who is the Dweeb, and who is the Cool Guy.

In the Card Wars episode of Adventure Time, Jake begs Finn to play his favorite trading card game which, while obviously inspired by other popular collectible card games like Magic the Gathering, was a total creation of the show, and existed only in the cartoon realm of hopes and dreams for those fans of the show who wanted to play such an epic game. Check out the original Cartoon Network preview for the Card Wars episode:

Now everyone can experience the game for themselves as Adventure Time: Card Wars makes its way to your iOS device. Card Wars sells for $3.99 and is available on any iOS device running iOS 6 or later. An Android version is scheduled to hit the market soon for those who choose not to live the iOS life.

Adventure Time: Card Wars players can unlock and play as iconic characters from the show such as Finn, Jake, BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Flame Princess. Additional cards can be either crafted or bought through in-app purchases to boost the power of your deck and the vast army of minions within.

According to a review on iTWire:

“Card Wars has an appealing aesthetic and is designed with young players in mind – bright colourful graphics, and a quickly-grasped playing mechanic – but yet holds appeal for the more advanced player.”

For all you tabletop gaming enthusiasts out there, a physical version of the game also exists and will be available on February 19. The physical Card Wars game is being published by Cryptozoic Entertainment, the company behing the Walking Dead board game.

Adventure Time Card Wars

The Card Wars tabletop collectible card game features two collector’s packs with unique battle themes:

“Finn vs Jake” Box

Finn’s Blue Plains deck features Creatures from the episodes such as the wise Ancient Scholar, the aptly named Cool Dog, and the most fearsome critter of all… The Pig! And many more.

-vs- Jake’s Corn deck features Creatures from the episodes such as the powerful Husker Knights, the intimidating Legion of Earlings, the heroic Archer Dan and many more!

“BMO vs Lady Rainicorn” Box

BMO’s Useless Swamp deck features Creatures from the episodes such as the triple-threat Immortal Maize Walker, the talkative Mouthball, the underpants-wearing Wandering Bald Man and many more.

-vs- Lady Rainicorn’s SandyLands deck features fun-tastic Creatures such as the coarse Sand Knights, the toothy Shark, the musical The Mariachi and many more!

Each collector’s pack sells for $15.99.

So which version of Adventure Time: Card Wars will you be playing?

[Images courtesy of: Cartoon Network, Cryptozoic]