Did Bradley Cooper Say ‘Who’s That?’ After Barkhad Abdi BAFTA Win?

Bradley Cooper is not known to be a snob, but it appeared that he had no idea who Barkhad Abdi was when British actress Emma Thompson announced him the winner of the Best Supporting Actor award.

The embarrassing moment was caught on video as the 39-year-old nominee reacted to Abdi’s surprising win of the category for which he beat Cooper for American Hustle and Michael Fassbender for 12 Years A Slave, Matt Damon for Behind The Candelabra, and Daniel Bruhl for Rush.

The Somali-American newcomer grabbed the attention of BAFTA voting members with his mesmerizing portrayal as the lead pirate that captures Captain Phillips played by veteran actor Tom Hanks.

However, it seemed that Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper didn’t know who he was and appeared to ask, “Who’s that?” when his name was read by Thompson.

Bradley Cooper has denied asking who Barkhad Abdi was and is pretty miffed at the suggestion that he didn’t know who his fellow nominee is, telling The Independent:

“I can’t even tell you how insulting this is not only to me but to Barkhad. I turned to (American Hustle director) Dave (O’ Russell) and said how awesome he was, and I was actually talking to Stephen Fry last night about how amazing it was that he was recognized.”

“I would have to be completely inept to not know about him or his performance. It doesn’t even make any sense. It was the opposite of this. I was really excited for him.”

For most people, even those who have seen the Tom Hanks adaptation of real-life events that took place in the waters of Somalia in 2009 when the cargo ship Maersk Alabama was hijacked by pirates, Barkhad Abdi is not a name that they readily recognize.

The 28-year-old sensation — who hails from Mogadishu, Somalia — made his cinematic debut in Captain Phillips after moving to the US in 2009.

Bradley Cooper is one of the most popular American actors at the moment, not only for his good looks, but for his excellent work. In 2013 he was also nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Silver Linnings Playbook opposite Jennifer Lawrence.

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