George Zimmerman Says He Doesn’t Regret Shooting Trayvon Martin In Interview

A George Zimmerman interview with Spanish-speaking Univision this past week was recently translated into English and what he has to say may anger some.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Zimmerman vs DMX boxing match was hated by an overwhelming number of Americans. Ironically, some reports had claimed Trayvon Martin was a “knockout game king” right before the match was announced.

Zimmerman has been publicly defending his reputation in numerous ways lately. George Zimmerman’s paintings have attacked Florida prosecutor Angela Corey, claiming she’s made a mockery of the justice system in the way she handled the case and also by how she fired a whistleblower who tried to raise awareness of Trayvon Martin’s history with guns and drugs. He’s also suing NBC News over them editing the 911 call in order to make him sound racist.

Zimmerman the painter

Along the same lines, George says it’s the media’s fault that so many think badly of him:

“I just remember they don’t hate me because they don’t know me. They hate the GZ character the media made up to make money.”

The interview also reveals that he has no regrets about the shooting of Trayvon:

“In my mind and between God and me, I know that if I didn’t act, act the way I did, I wouldn’t be here. I mean, he wasn’t playing around.”

Zimmerman claims he didn’t know Martin was unarmed and he had suspected Martin was a burglar responsible for the many break-ins in the neighborhood. When Trayvon tried to wrestle away his gun, Zimmerman fired and he initially thought his bullet missed the other man and hit a nearby house:

“He [Trayvon] saw my gun and told me he would kill me, and I knew he was telling the truth. I mean, was not playing. I asked him to stop… And the young man did not care. Continued attacking… I knew he would not stop even though I knew that someone had seen [the fight] and the police are coming. He did not care.”

George revealed he’s $2.5 million in debt and is essentially homeless except for the help of his family. He’s raised $300,000 from donors but he’s hoping the NBC lawsuit will help him pay off the money to the lawyers. Meanwhile, he’s looking for a job and he hasn’t collected welfare.