Pilots complain the A380 is too quiet

The Airbus A380, the largest passenger jet to grace the skies has many redeeming features, and one of those is unprecedented levels of cabin quietness.

Passengers flying the A380 love the quiet, but apparently pilots for Emirates Airlines don’t, because instead they can now hear passengers, instead of the drone of engines.

The problem comes due to the layout of the Emirates A380s. In traditional aircraft (and other A380’s) the crew rest area, the space crew members use to sleep on long haul flights is directly behind the cockpit, however in the Emirates A380’s its at the tail of economy class.

Without the drone of the engines, the pilots complain they can hear every wailing infant and flush of the vacuum toilets. To make matters worse according to The Register, passengers also mistake the rest area for a toilet and continually pull on the door handle.