Michael Schumacher Crash Video: Did Helmet Camera Cause His Injuries?

The Michael Schumacher crash video has been a crucial piece of evidence in determining just how the legendary racer and experienced skier crashed on what was a non-challenging course, but now some think the helmet camera itself may have actually been the cause of the the injuries.

The racing legend was traveling at a moderate speed close to two months ago when he fell and hit a rock. Schumacher had new skis, but the bindings have been tested and found not to be the cause of the crash. Evidence also shows that Schumacher was in full control of his movements as he traveled between two groomed trails in the French Alps, leaving the exact cause of the crash to be a mystery.

“His pace was completely normal for a skilled skier,” noted Lieutenant Colonel Benoit Vinneman not long after the crash.

But now, as Schumacher slowly emerges from a medically induced coma, some believe the answer is clear. The crash video taken from the camera that Michael Schumacher wore on his helmet could be the cause, experts think. They believe the helmet camera worsened the blow, causing the helmet to break into pieces on impact.

ENSA, the world-renowned ski and climbing academy in the French ski resort of Chamonix, looked into the crash and determined that the camera may have played a key role.

“The helmet completely broke. It was in at least two parts. ENSA analysed the piece of the helmet to check the material, and all was OK,” said a source close to the investigation. “But why did it explode on impact? Here the camera comes into question. The laboratory has been testing to see if the camera weakened the structure.”

Patrick Quincy, the prosecutor who investigated the Michael Schumacher accident and viewed the crash video, will make an announcement on Monday. It is expected that the ski resort and his equipment makers will be cleared of responsibility.