Pace Car Fire Video At Daytona Sprint Unlimited Laughed At By Racers

A pace car fire was caught on video during the Daytona Sprint Unlimited. Fortunately, no one was hurt but it did have many racers laughing.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Richard Petty made some eyebrows raise with his criticism of Danica Patrick. Also, the Wallenda family put on a different type of NASCAR spectacle when they played chicken on a high wire.

At the beginning of the third section of the Sprint Unlimited race the pace car fire had driver Brett Bodine and another passenger scrambling for the exits. Flames were shooting from the back of the vehicle and Clint Bowyer announced the pace car fire in this amusing manner:

“We have a caution for the caution car! Burn the pace car up! I have never seen anything (like this). It’s a full moon night.”

Brad Keselowski remembers seeing the pace car fire and thinking it was a race. At first he was concerned but when he heard it was the pace car he just burst into laughing. Kyle Busch also found the whole scene amusing:

“I saw the aftermath where two guys were getting out of it. Seemed like they were running for their life, scared of a little fire. Maybe they need firesuits now.”

Chevrolet has been assessing what caused the trunk to burst into flames. Although there is an auxiliary electrical kit the trunk they believe it cannot be linked to the pace car fire. The recent GM recall has put the car manufacturer in the crosshairs lately since faulty ignition switches were linked to the deaths of six people. After winning the race, Toyota driver Denny Hamlin was asked for comment and all he had to said was: “Should have been driving a Camry.”

What do you think about the pace fire video?