[Rumor] Microsoft Announcing New Xbox at E3 2012?

Nintendo may have went ahead and announced their next-generation console, but Microsoft and Sony have both been rather tight-lipped on their plans. According to a report from VideoGamer, however, we might be seeing Microsoft’s next console at E3 2012.

According to a “high-ranking industry source” at Crytek, the developers of Crysis 2, Microsoft is gearing up to announce their next console within “12 months”. The source goes on to tell Videogamer the hardware isn’t finalized, but that Microsoft is developing it around DirectX 11.

Microsoft’s goal, according to the source, is to get the console out ahead of Sony’s yet-to-be-announced PlayStation 4.

The source also stated that Crytek is working on TimeSplitters 4 for next-generation consoles, including said new Xbox. The new console’s DirectX 11 capabilities have allowed for significantly improved visuals, due in no small part to the DX11’s tessellation effects. TimeSplitters 4 is said to be using CryTek’s CryEngine 3.

I’d advise taking this news with a a hefty grain of salt. After all, Microsoft seems so determined Kinect is the next best thing. They wouldn’t want anything stealing Kinect’s spotlight, now would they?