Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ Covered By Russian Police Choir at Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Daft Punk has become a global phenomenon, and further evidence of this fact was provided at the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The Russian Police Choir, for reasons beyond understanding, treated those in attendance, as well as a large television audience, to a bizarre rendition of the Daft Punk hit Get Lucky.

This type of performance is simply not something one would expect from a police choir; however, the group confounded these expectations in very unusual fashion with the Daft Punk cover. The group also goes by the name Ministry of Internal Affairs Choir, which sounds even more ominous and would presumably be comprised of people who are completely incapable of levity. But this is clearly not the case.

After an introduction from the group conductor, the Russian cops filled Fisht Olympic Stadium with the Daft Punk hit, the sounds of techno reverberating through every corner of Sochi. The group is very talented and professional, but it was still an odd scene. What made it all the more surreal was the sight of the 50-plus group members performing Get Lucky while clad in their full dress uniforms.

Here is a short clip from the Opening Ceremony:

Good fun indeed. Check out how uncomfortable some of the members look during the performance.

The contrast between who was performing the song and the nature of the song itself is quite amusing. Of course, the song is about staying up all night in an effort to get lucky, and while this message is not something that would immediately be associated with the Russian police or a global sporting event such as the Winter Olympics, it is a sentiment we can all get behind.

The influence and reach of the Daft Punk hit seems to have no limits. When many think of Get Lucky covers, the mind usually wanders to Stephen Colbert, who raised the entertainment bar with his celebrity-laden dance inferno. While the Colbert version was memorable, for pure strangeness, the Russian Police Choir has the market cornered.

Actually, the group had already performed a studio version of Get Lucky which was every bit as peculiar, but wildly entertaining nonetheless.

As for Daft Punk themselves, they were last seen laying down the funk and collecting multiple awards at the Grammy's. I wonder what the French pair thought of the Russian Police Choir homage?