Carly Scott Search: Ex Of Missing Pregnant Woman Tells His Story As New Evidence Discovered

Carly Scott, the missing pregnant woman in Hawaii, remains the subject of a large-scale search on the island of Maui Sunday, after apparent new evidence connected to the missing 27-year-old turned up Friday.

The previous day, clothing she was wearing when she vanished was found not far from Friday's discoveries. And the day before that, Wednesday, an SUV belonging to Carly Scott, called "Charli" by her friends and family, was found in a pineapple field near a popular Maui surfing spot, burned out and lying on its side.

The fate of the missing woman, who was almost six months pregnant at the time of her disappearance Sunday evening, remains a mystery though indications are not pointing to anything good. Leaders of the search for Carly Scott say that they found her shoes and some of her valuables not far from where searchers found articles of her clothing on Thursday.

But the other mystery is exactly how the pregnant woman went missing in the first place. She appears to have simply disappeared from her ex-boyfriend's rear-view mirror as the two were driving along Hana Highway Sunday night in separate vehicles. That is the mystifying scenario, if the ex's story is to be believed.

Steven Capobianco says that he and Carly Scott dated a few years ago for "two, maybe three years." He says that the pair continued to "hook up" occasionally even after the exclusive relationship came to a close. One of those hook-ups resulted in Carly Scott's pregnancy, he said — though Capobianco added that he can't be certain he is the father of the missing pregnant woman's unborn child.

On Sunday night, he called Carly Scott for help because his car was broken down by the side of the Hana Highway road. She came and picked him up so he could get tools to fix the car, which he did. After that, he drove home as she followed behind him in her 1997 Toyota 4Runner.

He said that she was behind him, and then he lost sight of her.

"I'm pretty sure I saw her lights in my rear view the entire time. I'm absolutely certain I saw her headlights in my rear view mirror until I got to Twin Falls and then I started speeding up 'cause I drive a little faster than she does," Capobianco said.

Police administered a polygraph test to Capobianco as they questioned him about how his pregnant ex-girlfriend went missing, and though he felt he did well, he says that the officers told him he failed it.

"They didn't make me take it again," he said. "I'm honestly not convinced I failed, I think they might have just said that as a tactic, but I really don't know. I'm walking around right now without handcuffs on."

Capobianco said that tensions with the family of Carly Scott have kept him from participating in the organized search for the missing pregnant woman, but he has tried to look for her on his own.

The search for missing pregnant woman Carly "Charli" Scott resumed between 8 am and 9 am local time Sunday on Maui.