New York City Weather To Keep Dampening Big Apple’s Spirits With More Snow This Week

New York City is already in the middle of the third-snowiest February in the city’s history — at least for as long as weather stats have been kept — and the month just passed the half-way mark. Now, even more snow is expected to land on New York early this week.

While this week’s snow will be relatively light according to AccuWeather predictions, the city is still recovering from weather brought by Winter Storm Pax which slammed into New York City last week and over the weekend.

The average winter snowfall in New York City, measured by accumulations in New York’s Central Park, is about 27 inches. But the Central Park yardstick has already tallied more than 54 inches following Saturday’s storm, and the calendar still reads only February 16.

The snowiest winter on record in the nation’s most populous city is a whopping 75 inches, recorded in the weather nightmare winter of 1995-1996. But with 13 days remaining in February the first day of spring not officially until March 20, there is still plenty of time for this winter’s weather to challenge that 18-year-old mark.

A new storm — Winter Storm Quintus, this time — is on its way from the midwest, The Weather Channel now predicts. After sweeping through Minnesota and Wisconsin, where accumulations could hit six inches Sunday night and Monday, the latest snowfall is expected to reach New York City late Monday night.

New Yorkers this time can look forward to — or dread, as the case may be — only between one and three inches of snow this time around, but after the weather that has already socked the Big Apple, that may be one to three inches too many for the city’s beleaguered citizenry.

The New York City region’s three major airports, JFK, LaGuardia an New Jersey’s Newark, are anticipating a new round of flight delays and cancelations as the early week snowfall moves in. Slippery sidewalks and ice patches could also pose further problems.

There is some good news coming up for New York, once Tuesday’s predicted snowfall is out of the way, the weather forecast says that New York City should see clearer skies and milder temperatures, possibly touching the springlike 50-degree mark by Friday.