PS4 Vs Xbox One: Why I’m Likely To Buy A PlayStation 4 … Eventually

The PS4 vs Xbox One debate rages on still, with neither side giving in and both sides slamming the other. After a fellow Inquisitr writer publicly announced his top five reasons why he bought an Xbone, I decided to take the other side of the argument.

I still own an Xbox 360, and for now I have no intention of buying a next gen console. At the risk of sounding like the “most interesting man in the world” meme, I’m not planning to buy a new console, but when I do, I’m probably buying a PlayStation 4.

Why am I sticking with my Xbox 360? It still has all of my current favorite games on it, while the selection on the Xbox One and PS4 is still rather slim. I put a lot of money into my collection, and though I regret some of those games, most of them are worth playing through again.

Why am I siding with Sony in the PS4 vs Xbox One console war? It’s mostly because of everything I’ve seen Microsoft get wrong with the Xbone. The DRM policy, which makes it mandatory to go online and “check in” to let the console know you actually still own the game, was a major factor for me from the beginning.

Microsoft showed they never removed the DRM policy when the Killer Instinct tournament in New York City was interrupted.

I usually buy my games used off Amazon, and if I have to “buy” the right to play it because I bought it used, it eliminates the reason I buy them used. I’m trying to save money.

Microsoft began losing the PS4 vs Xbox One debate in my opinion because they haven’t shown any factual data suggesting that they are letting go of their vision of “the future.” I prefer to play my games off the disc, not download everything. When your internet options are limited, downloading upwards of 50 GB at a time will use up those limits fast.

So far the only downsides to the PlayStation 4 in my opinion are the potential “blue light of death” and faulty Blu-ray player. Otherwise I actually like the fact that I can swap out the hard drive for something capable of holding more games, something Sony built into the design. With the Xbone, you’re stuck using an external hard drive eventually unless you’re just really good at hacking and computer assembly.

For now, I’m keeping my Xbox 360 due to the fact that I see no point yet in buying a next gen console. No, it doesn’t play Blu-ray movies, but there is more than one HDMI jack in the TV, meaning that I can use a separate player and give the console a break.

The last point toward Sony’s entry in the PS4 vs Xbox One debate is the price tag. For the minimal package, you’re getting everything you need for $100 less. The PlayStation 4 is simply the least expensive option with the most potential for the reason I buy consoles: the games.