‘Big Bang Theory’: Jim Parsons, Steve Molaro Talk About That Shamy Moment

The Big Bang Theory fans recently encountered a moment that some never thought would happen.

If you’re not up-to-date with CBS’ hit sitcom, then you might want to consider reading something else until then. There are a few spoilers lurking ahead, info that could seriously ruin your enjoyment of a decidedly memorable moment.

Since Mayim Bialik joined the cast of the comedy, many Big Bang Theory fans wondered when Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon Cooper would share a genuine kiss. Much to their surprise, the most awkward couple on television properly locked lips in an episode entitled “The Locomotive Manipulation.” It’s definitely a scene that many folks were hoping would eventually happen.

During a recent video interview, Jim Parsons said that Sheldon’s decision to kiss Amy came “out of anger.” The actor added that Cooper didn’t necessarily think the romantic gesture was that terrible once the scientist managed to overcome his anxiety.

The Big Bang Theory star explained:

“He goes on a tirade. ‘Oh, you want romance?’ He’s kind of stumbling over these romantic guideposts he would think of. And kissing, kissing’s romantic. The viewer, as well as me, was left to assume, I think, that he enjoyed it once he got there. Unexpectedly, unpremeditated, but, once those lips landed together, he was like, ‘This is not bad.'”

Executive producer Steve Molaro told Entertainment Weekly that the writers wanted to make sure Shamy’s first kiss was in keeping the characters’ personality. Instead of forcing the situation upon Sheldon and Amy, they decided to make it as natural as possible given their very unique and bizarre personalities.

“We knew we were going to do this Valentine’s Day episode where Amy manages to get Sheldon to go up to Napa for the weekend by using the train as bait. And you know, their relationship is great, but I think there’s only so much Amy can take,” Molaro explained.

He added, “We do need to keep it moving forward even if it’s in baby steps, and I was just feeling that it was time. She deserved a big win, and this seemed like a good way to get to it. Rather than it coming from his excitement, [we wanted] it to almost stem from an argument. It seemed like an exciting way for it to happen.”

Molaro explained that everyone wanted the kiss to stem from an argument, though they didn’t want it to come across “too mean” when it actually happened. The executive producer credits Jim Parsons for making the scene work as well as it did. Molaro described the actor’s performance as “masterful.”

What did you think about the Shamy kiss on The Big Bang Theory?